Sales vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference by Jim Giovinazzo

Jim Giovinazzo say’s “Sales” and “marketing” often go together. Without realizing their difference, people still use them to refer to the same thing. Yet these business terms are unlike in many respects.

Job seekers and new graduates may have a hard time differentiating the two. Sad to say, though, not knowing these terms may jeopardize someone’s hiring chances.

If you plan to pursue a business career, the differences between sales and marketing must be plain to you. Knowing them will save you from humiliation when you use these jargon.

How do They Different?

To shorten, “marketing” is the cause while “sales” is the effect. Yet they differ in several ways such as approach, focus, procedure, and more.

Here is an analysis in contrast:


Marketing involves tough means. Sometimes it even becomes a trial-and-error stuff. You must study the current market (trends and competitions), product sources, market share, pricing, and budget for marketing.”Sales” involves a simple course, a one-to-one deal between a seller and a buyer.


When you market a business, you aim to attract clients. Through promotion, you can pull patrons in-a technique called “pull” marketing.With selling, sellers may transact with stores to promote a brand. This scheme gives the product or service a “push”.


Investigator defines sale as a transaction between seller and buyer where the latter receives goods, services, and/or assets for money.Marketing refers to a company’s activity that involves advertising, selling, and product delivery.


While both terms urge people to patronize product(s) or service(s), their primary objectives differ. When you market a product or service, you expose and present a business to the public. Aside from this, marketing is the surest way to spawn interest in a product or service and to produce leads for the company.In selling, the goal is to satisfy the wants and needs of clients.


What should be your focus in marketing a business? First, consider the ways to promote it and to distribute campaign materials. Second, be careful with branding and with the brand’s message. Third, focus on how people will notice the product(s) or service(s). Last, set your sight on the benefits it can offer to the public.In selling, make the product(s) or service(s) fit enough to meet consumer demands. Set objectives in sales volume and dare yourself to reach them.


The best means to sustain marketing efforts is to prepare activities that will excite client. Think of the company’s relationship with patrons and figure what they need, and meet them. Marketing efforts will fail without setting long-term goals that will last with business endeavors.

The correct approach to selling depends on the seller’s mood, personality, and the way it treats clients. Befriend patrons to earn their trust. Likewise, listen and attend to their concerns.


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