Jim giovinazzo say’s So you’ve built your site and started to promote it. You’re getting some sales, but you want to generate more. There is one simple sales technique that almost every Internet marketing expert agrees will DRAMATICALLY boost your sales every single day – follow up with your prospects.

The bottom line is this – if you want to vastly increase the number of your visitors who turn into valued customers, you need to contact them over and over. Through a series of messages, you need to convey the emotional and logical reasons why they MUST
buy your product.

If you assume that your visitors are going to buy from you on their first and only visit to your site, you are mistaken. It just doesn’t happen that quickly. Approximately 80% of sales are made AFTER the initial contact. Do you see how many sales you could be losing if you don’t initiate further contact?

Consider your site’s visitors perspective. Do you grab your credit card every time you pass through a store and see something you like? It doesn’t mean you’re going to buy it right then and there. When you decide to buy it, do you go back to that same
store? Maybe, maybe not! Would you be more inclined to return to a particular store if the sales associate gave you a courtesy call? How do you follow up for maximum effect and what tools and techniques should you use?

o The Tools

Begin by realizing that you can’t do all this by yourself! Suppose you get 500 visitors a day to your site and one in fifty of them requests information. That’s ten e-mails you’re going to have to send manually for the next few days or weeks. And tomorrow you get another ten, and the next day another ten… can you imagine how complicated managing this process could be?

What is the best management tool available? Sequential or follow-up autoresponders.

Autoresponders are the e-mail equivalent of “fax-on-demand” systems. Someone sends your autoresponder an e-mail or subscribes to it on your web site and the autoresponder sends the messages and manages the follow-up process from that point. It does the
managing for you!

A good autoresponder system will send out the right message on the right day, address your prospect by name, keep track of the follow-up sequence while automatically building you a database of interested contacts.

Most web site hosting packages come with autoresponders. Usually, however, these send out a single message and therefore can’t be used for continually following up with prospects. Instead, yu can pay monthly fees to an autoresponder service or install
software on your site and run them directly from there.

o The Techniques

So what techniques can you employ in your follow-up messages to turn your prospect into a customer?

– Technique 1: Build Trust and Credibility

The more you contact your prospect with useful and relevant information, the more they will assume you can be trusted. By offering valuable credible information, you prove to your prospect that you know what you are talking about.

– Technique 2: Create the Emotional Reason to Buy

With each message you send, you can work on the need or desire that your product will satisfy. More money to pay for that holiday? More free time to spend with the family? Less stress? People buy because they WANT something, secondly because they
NEED it.

– Technique 3: Increase the Offer

Gradually increase the perceived value of your offer until your prospect has to find reasons not to buy from you! You can do this by offering free bonuses, discounts, or free shipping. But here’s the golden rule – all of them must be time-limited to push your
prospect to make that final decision.

– Technique 4: Logical Justification

people buy for emotional reasons, but they need that decision backed by solid logical reasons. Your follow-up plan should include logical reasons why your prospect should buy – reasons based on facts and figures, not on emotional desire alone.

– Technique 5: Avoid the After-Sale Blues

How many times have you bought something and then immediately regretted it? You can avoid this situation (and refunds) after the sale by reassuring your new customer their decision to purchase was a good one. You simply need to remind them that your product will save time, increase sales, boost site traffic, help them lose weight or whatever. They have already bought it – they just need reminding what it will do for them.

In summary, to dramatically increase your ratio of visitors to sales, you ABSOLUTELY MUST follow up with your prospects and site visitors. It works, it’s provenFree Articles, and it’s easy if you use the right tools.





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