Jim Giovinazzo || Best Sales tips to become super star in your field

So, you have decided to pursue a career in sales yet realized there are many obstacles in the way of your success: rejection, lack of a support network, lack of confidence, lack of motivation and so on. Maybe your clients do not understand the real value that you are providing them through your products and services. These are common and valid challenges but must be ignored if you are willing to accomplish your sales goals. Start by making a commitment to becoming a sales superstar. Prioritize! First, ask yourself, why do you want to be a sales superstar? You may have reasons such as you want to gain financial freedom, provide security for your family, pay off all your debt or just provide value to others. Use your reasons to motivate yourself every day. Secondly, make sure nothing gets in the way of your commitment. Make a list of daily affirmations.

For example:

  1. Every morning wake up and remind yourself why you are in the sales and marketing business. Give yourself affirmations, purpose and vision.
  2. Make a list of goals you will accomplish for the day. Perhaps your daily goal is making phone calls to prospects on your list or educating yourself on the products/services you offer.
  3. Prospect every day! Know your target market. Outline the perfect customer on a piece of paper in full detail. Find out how to reach them and get to work

Determining your “Why” is the most important factor between your success and failure. Your why will be your motivator as you come across barriers. Whether you plan to send emails, cold call, utilize internet marketing, contact referrals or direct mail, do this every day. Whatever the task may be, stay genuinely interested in the client. This can be frustrating especially if you are on the 40th phone call and still no appointment has been set. It is possible that the 41st phone call can sound like a desperate salesperson. Do your best to keep this from happening. Understand today’s market is fast and most people miss opportunities simply by not listening. This happens with both buyers and sellers. Treat every client differently understanding they need solutions to their problems.

How do you know what your client is going through? Ask questions. Plan and prepare to ask at least 5 questions to your client. While the client is answering your questions, do not listen with the intent to respond; listen to understand what will truly help them. Through listening and understanding, the client will tell you their need.

In all your efforts, realize there will be people who are judgmental and sceptical of what you do. You will have bad days with a client and will be judged when at your lowest. The best solution to this problem is to raise the bar and remain proactive, confident and professional. Stay persistent at what you are doing and one day you will realize it becomes a part of you. The more value you intend to put out and the more positive energy you keep flowing within, you will attract likewise. Becoming a sales superstar takes time because it requires a total transformation of the seller. Once you master the mind-set, clients will soon fall into your lap.




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