Vincent James Giovinazzo – The Journey from Being a Broker to Technical Sales

When a person has different kinds of skills, it opens the door to a wide range of opportunities. It becomes easier to transfer from one industry to another when situation and time shakes up the person’s career. Jim Giovinazzo Red Bank is truly aware of this. Previously, he worked as a Wall Street broker. However, now he works in the tech industry with various startups. For him, the transfer has managed to create several interesting insights. It has also allowed him to use is skills to serve the new business in a better manner. He is an entrepreneurial seasoned salesman having more than 15 years of experience in the technology and financial sector.

Difference of Two Industries

Jim Giovinazzo Broker is of the opinion that both the industries that he has worked with are basically sales related. He plies his trades in the technology and business sectors as a seasoned consultant. In the finance industry, especially if the battle field is Wall Street, it is important to sell oneself as a forward thinking and expert broker who will be able to help the enhance the fortune of the company.

About James Giovinazzo Broker it can be said that since he was working at the topmost level of American financial market, he is definitely one of the most qualified professionals of the world. According to him, people on Wall Street work like animals and said that it is important to work on all situations. To work here, one has to trust their gut and take decisions on feet.

According to Jim Giovinazzo the definition of an aggressive person in the finance industry is quite different from the definition of a sales person in the Wall Street. People working on the tech sales basically depend on three leads for purchasing the product. While, on the other hand, people in the Wall Street try to find lead for selling the product. He believes that in tech sales, the argument is that if you have a good product, it will automatically sell itself. This is less of an art form and more of science. However, the principals of selling do apply such as it is important to pay close attention to the requirement of the customers.

James Giovinazzo is a good example of a professional who has managed to achieve success in two major fields. He has been able to transfer his expertise from one competitive field to another. He is aware of the differences that lie between these two industries. This has given him the benefit of a perspective which will help an individual achieve success in a particular field.


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