Jim Giovinazzo, Red Bank – Climbing The Corporate Ladder

As Jim Giovinazzo, Red Bank, asserts, the biggest change in recent economic history has come with the boom in the tech industry. Silicon Valley tech firms have popped up seemingly overnight, generating billions of dollars and establishing themselves as leaders in the modern economy. Indeed, for Vincent James Giovinazzo, this development promised exciting opportunities that he wanted to capitalize on. As a previous broker on Wall Street, James Giovinazzo knows what it takes to climb the corporate ladder in a highly competitive industry. Having always been motivated and ambitious in his professional life, he opted to leave his brokerage position on Wall Street and transition into the tech industry as a salesperson.

Jim Giovinazzo “Technology sales has different barriers to entry,” says Vincent Jim Giovinazzo,  “Except for licensing and authorities like FINRA.  The definition of an aggressive salesperson is different. Some tech sales people wait for leads to come to them, as opposed to proactively finding the leads.” In contrast with Wall Street, the technology industry is more about the product. Jim Giovinazzo was used to marketing himself, and with his transition he had to learn that the product is what really matters in the tech world. “After all, if you have a great product, it can sell itself; you can make just as much money without having to grind it out. It’s more of a science and less of an art form.

But as the ‘About James Giovinazzo, Broker‘ document on about.me, explicitly makes clear, this isn’t saying that the traditional skills of a salesperson simply no longer apply. “Don’t get me wrong, the principals of selling still apply; i.e. paying close attention to the customer’s needs and feedback, sophisticated negotiation and upselling skills, strong interpersonal skills, drive and ambition.”

As Vincent James Giovinazzo says, everyone wants to be successful in the career path that they choose for themselves. The exact means of finding this success and the skills that need to be cultivated, experiences that need to be had, and challenges that must be faced down, are completely different. In the world of sales, a salesperson needs to be personable, persuasive, and above all, understand their product to the point that they can convince anyone that they need it. The era of door-to-door salesmen is long gone, and individuals are having to find newer and more creative ways to get their products out there to customers. What’s more, because the potential for generating revenue is so great in the tech industry, salespeople have to adapt quickly to changing markets and new methods of advertising.


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